PAL2-N vacuum shot peening booth

Shot peening and blasting booths have been designed and produced to guarantee multiple operations in the field of surface finishing: shot peening, decorative sandblasting, metal hardening, deburring, surface treatments, cleaning

Machining operations on parts vary depending on the type of abrasive used: corundum, sand, glass microspheres, synthetic or vegetable granules, metal abrasives

For maximum functionality this machine can be equipped with the following accessories:

  • dust collector filter with self-cleaning compressed air system
  • loading cart
  • rotary table
  • abrasive regenerating cyclone

Technical features

Useful measures

Front 880 mm
Side 600 mm
Height 780 mm

Overall measures

Front 920 mm
Side 1100 mm
Height 1850 mm
Booth access side, left and right
Aspirator 400 V 50 Hz 0.75 kW
Booth light led 20 W
Air consumption injector ∅ 3 mm – 600 l/min
∅ 3.5 mm – 800 l/min
∅ 4 mm – 1200 l/min
Operating pressure from 1.5 to 8 bar
Tungsten carbide nozzle ∅ 6 – 8 or 10 mm
Weight 120 kg

Booth conversion from vacuum to pressure

Pressure peening and blasting booths, unlike traditional vacuum booths, shorten processing times and engrave parts more easily
The pressure booths can be equipped with a wear-resistant rubber coating to increase their resistance and with a pressure regulator to control the abrasive output speed, with the following advantages:

  • possibility of working on different surfaces (aluminium, iron, glass, stainless steel, etc.)
  • obtain deep engravings or light polishing
  • avoid nicking workpieces

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